STEM Skills Fund

Information for Schools

We will be recruiting schools to the full pilot of the Maths and Physics Girls’ Scholarship during the Autumn Term of 2018.

Applicants must be in Year 11 and predicted to attain at least grade 7 (or the equivalent) in GCSE maths, physics or combined science.

Girls are told about the scholarship during the lead up to when they are required to make their A-level subject choices. Information will be provided at the same time about female participation rates in A-level maths and physics and average earnings in occupations that studying A-level maths or physics or both can lead to. Students can therefore take the scholarship and information into account when making their A-level subject choices.

STEM Skills Fund will award £200 at the beginning of the Summer Term to eligible students who opted to study A-level maths or physics or both. Both free school meal and non-free school meal students may participate on the programme.