STEM Skills Fund

Maths & Physics Girls’ Scholarship

The expanded Maths and Physics Girls’ Scholarship (MPGS) scheme will involve awarding £240 to eligible girls who choose to study A-level maths and/or physics. Students will receive the payment at the start of the summer term of 2020. The treatment group of the scheme will comprise 1,000 girls.

To be eligible to participate on the scholarship scheme students must be predicted to achieve at least grade 7 (or the equivalent) in GCSE maths, physics or combined science. This means that we are targeting only students who have the potential to succeed in maths and physics at A-level.

The timing of the intervention is crucial to its effectiveness. Girls will be told about the scholarship during the lead up to when they are required to make their A-level subject choices. Information will be provided at the same time about female participation rates in A-level maths and physics and average earnings in occupations that studying A-level maths and/or physics can lead to. Students can therefore take the scholarship and additional information into account when making their A-level subject choices.

During February and March 2020, the evaluation team will measure the number of girls that chose to study A-level maths and/or physics. During October 2020, they will measure how many of those students actually enrolled onto A-level maths and physics courses, after which the evaluation team will report on their findings.